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About Lariat Companies...

Lariat Companies, Inc. is a mini-conglomerate of companies in a number of industries. Our company has evolved over twenty years. We owe our success to the quality of companies we've acquired and to the loyal people who have grown with us over the years.

Lariat Companies' name grew out of alliteration with the name of my father, Larry, and ties to my rugged Montana childhood. The rope braids of the lariat logo represent the interrelationship of the company's team members and customers. The gold color reflects the company's philosophy of the Golden Rule of Service: "treating customers as you would like to be treated." The Concentric circles of rope, as in Native American spirituality, represent the "spirit" of one company, our philosophy of people, products, profit, and customer.


People: We will respect and trust each other.
We will dedicate ourselves to training and to
personal development so we can reach
our highest potential.

Products: Our products and service will be of the highest quality
And will carry a money back guarantee.

Profit: We will generate a fair profit.

Customer: We will know and satisfy our customers' needs
better than our competitors.


                        more efficient
                        more competitive
                        more service responsive

At Lariat Companies, it's people who count - our team members and our customers! The hard work and dedication of our team members allows us to successfully fulfill our mission.

Ed Flaherty, President

The future belongs to those who see possibilities
before they become obvious.

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